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Hey Mama! I’m Erin Floyd-Smith and I’m guessing you are a creative mama who is tired of being called an “aspiring actor” and would like to start being called simply an “actor”. Or maybe your a mom that is just looking for a little support and guidance.

Either way, you are in the right place! The mindset training and support you will receive with Acting Mama is designed specifically for actors and mothers who are looking for a way to build their confidence and be taken seriously.

I believe actors experience a lot of gaps in information as they train and hone their craft.

My mission is to use my experiences and self-learned knowledge to give actors and moms the tools they need to be successful when working on new roles and projects specifically through mind-set training and teaching actors how to balance developing their craft, building their career and living their best lives.

Whether you are self-trained, grew up in the theater or you are attending an acting training program, there are certain truths that are never fully spelled out for you. Usually, the only way to learn these truths is through trial and error. But I want actors and creators to be successful fast. So, let’s save some time and start working on your perspective now!

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It’s easy to get bogged down in all the little things when it comes to building your career. It’s important to maintain an inward focus,ensuring your perspective is in the right place.

Actors tend to fall into negative self-talk and similar neuroses. I’m here to help you refocus on what’s important, what will keep you afloat, and what will get you noticed.

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I started acting at the ripe old age of 9-years-old. I’ve gathered an awful lot of insight and tips over the years.Paragraph

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