About Us

There is a misconception that once you are a parent, being a professional actor is next to impossible. We at Acting Mama are here to assure you that isn’t true.

Yes, acting can be more difficult while you are also trying keep tiny humans alive than it was when you were young, free and no one called you “Mom”. But it is entirely possible to build an acting career and be a kickass mom all at the same time.

Acting Mama was founded in 2016 with the goal of helping actor moms find a healthy work / life balance. Our team works to produce articles, videos, podcasts and other content with three goals in mind:


  1. Providing emotional and mental support to actor parents working to build their career.
  2. Providing essential, basic building blocks to build an acting career.
  3. Providing highly valuable mindset training to help aspiring actors overcome unhealthy habits and perceptions.


That third goal is the key to Acting Mama’s content. You can have all the tools in the world to build a career. But, if you’re not in the right mindset, there can be no progress.

Actors tend to default to unhealthy mindsets. They start early on, teaching themselves to think that they do not belong on the stage, in the audition room or in front of the camera and that anyone who “allows” them to do so is doing them a “favor”.

At Acting Mama, we want to help you overcome this notion that you are “just visiting” the stage, camera or other play space. You belong there precisely because of the badass actor and person that you are!

This blog was started because we believe in you and want to help you find your inner movie star and change the world.

In our opinion, moms are the most in need of encouragement, support and advice since their work / life balance is so tricky. This blog is run by mama actors here to lend support, advice and a shoulder to lean on.

We’re here to help you navigate the extremely varied and tricky paths to becoming a professional actor (and showing you that the traditional method is not the only way to get paid).

This blog is meant to be a source of inspiration and support, a place to get advice and find your motivation to keep moving.

You can do this, Mama! We believe in you!